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is the first bio cosmetic luxury skincare brand to be released...

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A prestigious French luxury cosmetics brand that commenced operations in 2013. Luxury is an inherent part of Parisian life, but what is luxury without elegance? The brand's products are designed to offer customers exquisite items that combine the finest elements of elegance and the world of cosmetics.

Innovación y Naturaleza: Los Pilares de Su Cosmética

New Angance está convencida de que la elegancia y lujo es simplemente un estado de ánimo. Solo se necesitan los estímulos adecuados. La marca intenta transmitir, precisamente, ese estado de ánimo a través de cosméticos con exclusivas fórmulas naturales, cruelty free y libres de parabenos. Combinan ingredientes tradicionales como la Aloe Vera, el Ácido Hialurónico o el carbón con otros ingredientes conocidos por sus propiedades cosméticas, pero también por su asociación al mundo de lujo, como por ejemplo el caviar, el oro o el extracto de perla.


Ciencia y Eficacia

The firm owns their lownaboratories, where they carry out their own scientific studies. New Angance has managed to successfully combine traditional knowledge about skincare and ingredients, with cutting-edge technology.

Productos Estrella

Check out some of their most popular products, such as the one piece hydrogel mask, New Angance Youth Revealing Hydrogel Mask, that reveals a luminous and hydrated looking skin in record time. Another, key product in their collection, is the certified ECOCERT, toning water, New Angance Revitalizing Fresh Water.

Sostenibilidad y Belleza

The brand's value proposition is to ensure skin is hydrated at all times to effectively fight against any signs of facial aging. None of the products compromise the skin barrier at any point. All molecules have different weights so they can reach even the deepest layers of the dermis, which in turn increases the effectiveness and duration on the skin of the treatments.

Eleva tu Rutina de Belleza Hoy

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