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comprar highlighters, iluminadores y maquillaje en barra

Makeup Sticks,
Highlighters and Blushers

Enhance your best features using highlighers, makeup sticks, beauty balms and blushes. The creamy and silky texture of this type of makeup along with their convenient size, will greatly optimize your time and space. Achieve a glowing, radiant-looking and healthy skin in no time. However, please bear in mind, this type of makeup is not a bb cream, nor a makeup foundations. The first ones can cover, conceal or camouflage blemished skin, imperfections, redness and dark circles while a highlighter is used to add dimension and provide a touch of radiance to the skin.

How do you apply highlighter? It should be applied to specific areas of the face, including the tear ducts, the T-zone, the cheekbones, the nose, and the chin, following the natural bone structure of the face.

Generally speaking, a highlighter should always be lighter than your skin tone. However, there are exceptions to the rule, such as the best selling kbeauty makeup product, Blanc Cover Cream Stick from ELROEL. The adjustable colour pigments adapt to the skin tone on application. On the other hand, similar products, such as Highlighter from PURE U, are available in different shades.

Solid makeup will redefine and polish your beauty. Find online in our store, similar products, such as beauty balms and blushes. Their creamy texture is easy to apply and adds a touch of color to both, cheeks and lips. Try Blush Balm, available in a wide range of warm shades ranging from red to orange. Multi purpose makeup is ally for any skin type, you really can't miss out!
Buy the best maleup sticks, highlighters, blushes and makeup bars for lips and cheeks, online at Korean Beauty Shop. The perfect finish to touch up your makeup and achieve a flawless skin.
comprar stick de maquillaje

Blanc Cover Cream Stick features a versatile makeup stick with a formula that transforms from cream to foundation. A one-off makeup stick that seamlessly combines the moisturizing benefits of a cream with the flawless coverage of a foundation.

4-in-1: Sunscreen + Makeup base + Highlighter + Moisturizer

58.99 €

Blanc Cover Cream Stick SPF 50+ PA+++
korean make up elroel

Blanc Cover Cream Stick SPF 50+ PA+++

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