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KTW is a sustainable,  cruelty free, vegan beauty brand with a minimalist approach to skincare.  

KTW says skincare is simple: the key to healthy skin is in the water. KTW stands for "Key is the Water." A mission statement that perfectly explains the brand's philosopy. KTW use nutrient-rich extracts such as birch sap and rice bran water replacing regular water to nourish skin more effectively and enhance its vitality.

KTW's cosmetics are simple yet effective. The brand formulates their products using safe and gentle-on-skin ingredients, so they're perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. Their minimalist formulas make all products perfect to soothe, calm and norture delicate skin. 

All ingredients sourced by the brand are PETA approved and have been certified organic. KTW's treatments are as respectful with your skin as they are with the environment.

The brand goes the extra mile using nature-derived ingredients and recyclable biodegradable packaging to deliver zero waste products that reduce the carbon footprint and promote a sustainable lifestyle.
"Less is more" and every small action contributes to saving our planet and can make a big difference on climate change. They brand is always looking for new ways of becoming more sustainable and promise to keep it that way "for both, nature and us."
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  • ktw peta approved
  • KTW EWG Verified

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