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Buy The Best Korean Sleeping Masks Online

grafico escena nocturna

Skin cells renew while we sleep. As well as collagen and elastin fibers. Overnight face masks are packed with powerful vitamins and ingredients like Vitamin C or Vitamin E, that enhance this whole process and take care of our skin while we sleep. They hydrate and boost skin radiance while we sleep. You can apply them as often as you like and if you do you will get fast results.

Korean overnight masks are some of the best selling k beauty skin care products. They keep your skin hydrated and deeply nourished and they are also great for glowing skin and improving your skin tone.

Korean cosmetics are highly segmented. Night time skincare is another level, besides face masks, you can also find lip sleeping masks to melt dead skin cells and make your lips soft and plump while you rest. LANEIGE is the leading kbeauty brand when it comes to sleeping masks, with over 16 million units sold worldwide of Water Sleeping Mask

Korean sleeping masks combine cutting-edge technology, the latest scientific breakthroughs and patented natural formulas. Just as it happens with any other cosmetics, you can also find different night masks to address differrent skin needs; for example LANEIGE Cica Sleeping Mask has been designed especifically to address the needs of sensitive, acne-prone and allergic skin types. 

No os perdáis las mascarillas nocturnas de la marca LANEIGE; líderes del sector desde que irrumpieran en el mercado en el 2006. Aportan a la piel un aspecto radiante, fresco, luminoso, hidratado y nuevo.