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TOUN28: The boom of sustainable Korean cosmetics.

Elevando el Jabón Facial a un Estándar Zero Waste

Toun28 is a kbeauty brand for natural and sustainable cosmetics that has brought back the popularity of facial soap. Its philosophy promotes a healthy lifestyle and its as respectful with the environment as it is with the users' skin. As a cruelty-free company, Toun28 formulates its products using organically grown ingredients, prioritizing quality over, prioritizing quality over packaging. PHence, 90% of their budget is dedicated to production, with only 10% allocated to packaging.

Toun28's premium soaps not only cleanse the skin but also nourish and protect the skin barrier. Their zero waste cosmetics are free from plastics, packaged in biodegradable materials, leaving no trace and significantly reducing the ecological footprint.

Ventajas de los Jabones Sólidos Respecto a los Jabones Tradicionales: Potentes, Duraderos y Ecológicos

Solid facial soaps last up to three times longer than liquid soaps, while also reducing water consumption by up to nine times. Beauty experts refer to the brand's soap bars as syndets, which are "soap-free" bars with a low pH, closely resembling the skin's pH, and much gentler than traditional facial cleansers.

Cuidado Integral con TOUN28: Soluciones Personalizadas para Cada Tipo de Piel, Cabello y Cuerpo

Our skin undergoes a natural renewal process every 28 days, and that's why Toun28 offers a wide variety of solid soaps tailored to all skin types. Whether you have oily skin and prefer the Calamine + Hyaluronic Acid or dry skin and opt for the Ceramide + Squalane. They have something for everyone. Additionally, Toun28's catalog extends to hair care with products like the, Bar Baobab + Argan shampoo bar and body care with items like the Grapefruit + Beta-Carotene shower soap bar.

Compromiso Vegano y Certificaciones Orgánicas de TOUN28

Toun28 is a certified vegan brand, registered by The Vegan Society, the oldest vegan organization in the world. Moreover, their products are also certified COSMOS Natural and COSMOS Organic.

Eleva tu Rutina de Belleza con TOUN28, Disponible en Korean Beauty Shop

Don't miss out on the chance to discover one of the hottest kbeauty brands of the moment, which has reinvented the classic soap bar into a modern cleanser. Shop for the finest facial soaps from Toun28 online at Korean Beauty Shop. If you're eager to explore more zero waste cosmetic brands, don't miss out on Aromatica and Barr.
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