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Who said Korean skincare was only about facial care? Explore our curated selection of Korean hair care treatments. Nourish and repair your scalp and dry, damaged hair with the finest Korean hair care products

Koreans traditionally regard their hair as a precious gift from their parents and tend to be very picky when it comes to purchasing any type of hair care product.

Hair masks are the most popular hair treatments. They nourish and repair damaged hair leaving it soft and shiny.

Hair masks are perfect for dry, frizzy and/or split-end hair. Do not miss the revitalizing treatment, Quinoa Protein Hair Treatment Mask or the all-in-one hair mask, Rosemary 3-In-1 Treatment.

Our range of Korean shampoos offers solutions for different hair types:

Korean hair care products stand out for the same reason skincare does. They are formulated using natural, silicone-free, vegan ingredients.
We don't forget about sustainability, check out the solid shampoo bar Clean Butter Shampoo Bar and the solid hair conditioner Clean Butter Hair Pack Bar from Korean brand, Juice To Cleanse. Solid cosmetics are sustainable, zero waste, and cruelty-free. Another key point from soap bars is they can last up to three times longer than a regular shampoo or shower gel. We still have more to offer, discover the repairing hair treatments for dry and damaged hair like Sandawha Camellia Repair Hair Oil and Starskin Coco-Nuts™

If you are looking for Korean body care, check out these Korean Shower Gels and Creams.

Let down your hair and buy the best Korean cosmetics for hair, online at Korean Beauty Shop.