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Sustainable and Clean Cosmetics Backed by Science

Klavuu is a Korean luxury brand that harnesses the power of marine-derived raw ingredients in their cosmetics.

In 2019, Klavuu rose to the top of the K-beauty industry by incorporating Korean pearl as the star ingredient in all of their products. An ingredients known for their large number of skincare benefits.

The brand's signature ingredient, takes the center stage. Pearls hydrate the skin but also boost radiance for a glowing skin, thanks to the unique array of colors and shades, you can only appreciate in pearls. Klavuu distinguished itself by successfully stabilizing this ingredient without compromising its natural properties. Until then, no other beauty company had achieved a similar feat.

The brand has conducted and impressive scientific research to be able to develop their product range,in fact, Klavuu's work and contribution has even been supported by the UNESCO.

Achieve a radiant skin tone and dewy look, using Klavuu skincare as part of your daily beauty routine. Buy online, at Korean Beauty Shop, some of their best selling items: White Pearlsation Special Divine Serum, White Pearlsation Enriched Divine Pearl Cream, and Klavuu White Pearlsation Ideal Actress Backstage Cream
In 2022, the brand embarked in a journey towards sustainability. Currently, still in change process, Klavuu skincare range has been redesigned to become zero waste and reduce carbon footprint. According to the brand itself, using "clean ingredients" is not enough. From now on, all their products will still include natural ingredients but will also be backed by science, ensuring both effectiveness and quality are met.
Don't miss out on some of Klavuu's latest releases, including the non-nano Vegan Zinc Suncream SPF50, the primer Actress Backstsage Vegan Base Fixing and the rejuvenating peeling gel, Phytoncide Peeling Gel.