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CLIV or CL4  is our latest kbeauty curation, and the very first dermocosmetic brand in our portfolio. Derma-cosmetics are skincare products that have scientifically proven to be effective to offer solution and treatment to specific skin conditions. Therefore, one of the greatest advantages of these cosmetics is they are backed up by science and there has been plenty of study and research behind each one of them.

CL4 has developed four different skincare lines to address and target different skin needs.
Unlike regular cosmetics that do not alter the skin barrier, the active ingredients of dermocosmetics penetrate all skin layers and improve the skin from within. This new branch of beauty products marks a turning point between cosmetics and medicine.

All CL4's formulas are hypoallergenic and cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin type -including sensitive skin. The number 4, part of the brand's logo, refers to a 4-step safety system used to test the effectiveness and safety of all products.

A very well-known and respected brand within the industry, that has received numerous awards, and a benchmark in the world of dermocosmetics and beauty products for pharmacies, both inside and outside of South Korea.

How effective a product are going to be depend on the skin condition of the usrer, lifestyle, and how sensitive their skin is about the ingredients used in each formula. These type of products are widely recognized for their therapeutic benefits and have a close association with dermatology. The key point is that thery care not only for the skin but also repair and prevent future issues such as dark spots, acne, premature skin aging and/or dehydration.


CLIV is at the forefront of Korean skincare, combining cutting-edge technology and the latest medical breakthroughs. Since the brand was born in South Korea, in 2014, it has become a worldwide reference brand to go for if you are looking for products to truly improve a skin condition you migh have. Let's take a look at their best selling product lines: 

1.Vita C, formulated with a high concentration of Vitamin C and Niacinamide, tarrgets pigmentation issues such as dark spots and dull skin, uneven skin textures and acne scars.

This range evens out the tone and brightens dull skin complexions, while slowing down the accumulation of melanin excess in the skin, that can lead to pigmentation disorders

2.Multi Hyaluronic, is designed to offer a solution to dry, flaky and itchy sensitive skin. Great for moisturising, regenerating the skin and preventing dehydration and transpidermical water loss. The Multi Hyaluronic product range is one of the best selling lines from the whole brand. All formulas include 9 types of Hyaluronic Acid, with concentrations exceeding 80%.
3.Retinol Lifting: this line is packed with over 85% hydrolyzed collagen, retinol, and peptides. It is one of the most comprehensive and effective ranges in Korean cosmetics for figthting and preventing facial ageing.

4.Ginseng Berry Premium: sources ginseng berry extract, known for having strong anti-oxidant properties. All products from Ginseng Berry Premium, are packed with concetrarions of over 85% of red berry and ginseng extract, to smooth out the texture and even the tone of mature skin. Consider using these products if you feel you want to improve the lack of luminosity of your skin/ boost radiance.

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