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La Fervance, the first clean luxury beauty brand in the world

La Fervance is the first clean luxury beauty brand in the world sourcing 100% natural organic & natural ingredients. multitasking and unique revolutionary products. cruelty free and suitable for vegan use. ECOCERT certified. multi-awarded.

Dutch Beauty Award 2021
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Beauty Shortlist Await 2021
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Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020


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A luxurious and attractive brand, inside and out. Sourced using highly effective super-delicate formulas. Product and image exceed all possible expectations, but their products are not just beautiful. Fervance works exclusively with natural and organic ingredients; they have indeed obtained the ECOCERT certificate. An ecological brand, heading the 'clean cosmetics' movement. The packaging is 100% recyclable from inside out and it does not leave any footprint trace either. A product sourced, produced, manufactured and distributed 100% in Europe. Another added value -La Fervance does not pay for cheap labor and boosts European economy.

Le Fervance  It is just as respectful with animals as it is with the environment, and with the skin. Their products are never tested on animals, nor sold in markets where there isn't a law against animal abuse. The complex formulas of their products comply with the highest European safety regulations, and are created by professional scientists.


The growth of the brand since they started trading back in 2020 has been quite remarkable. Up to date, they have received 3 prestigious international beauty awards; plus countless magazine reviews in beauty & fashion publications like Glamour, Vogue, Tatler, Madame Figaro and Vanity Fair .


The brand, its values, and its esthetic, made me fall in love at first sight; but it wasn't until I finally tried their multitasking face mask; I became devoted to the brand. The price is high, but it is worth it and it is also  remarkable the emphasis they put in promoting these very positive values that I have mentioned above. Being a luxury beauty brand, something that can come across as superficial at first and being this grounded is priceless.

Le Fervance, I like they haven't seeked the easy aesthereotype, and care above other things that are not at all superficial and come before luxury. La Fervance I like you because you are human, and that is priceless. La Fervance, you are not a luxury brand; just like your brand products, you are also extraordinary!

Jose Satorre CEO Korean Beuty Shop

CEO Korean Beauty Shop

The collection

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La Fervance
Gommage Extraordinaire

La Fervance
Éclat Extraordinaire Multi-Mask



This innovative organic scrub is sourced using a combination of ingredients with a sugary texture, that progressively changes into a cleansing oil upon contact with the skin during facial exfoliation, releasing its main active ingredient, which is combined with a sensation of warmth and firmness.  


In addition, the formula becomes oily upon contact with water during rinsing, thanks to the macadamia seed powder combined with earth and organic sugar.


it effectively removes impurities and skin irregularities caused by dead cells.  Hydrating and improving the texture and appearance of the skin.


It also nourishes, and helps rejuvenating the skin while peeling off the dead cells and fighting blemishes on the skin, and other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation.  


Gommage Extraordinaire provides well-being, purifies, cleanses and balances the skin. The result is a blemished-free, radiant-looking skin with a healthy skin tone.  


* - Organic COSMOS Certificate
* - COSMOS Natural Certificate
* - Natural components in essential oil


Cruelty free. Suitable for vegan and gluten free.

* Size 100 ml

Innovative, sophisticated and revolutionary multitasking product skincare product. This is the result of La Fervange's scientific research work.


Provides an instant golden glow, and brightens up skin tone, while hydrating, toning, naturally plumping the skin, filling wrinkles and smoothing them.


Éclat Exraordinaire has been designed to target 30 functional areas of the face, which makes it the most complete multitasking product in the market.

* Size 50 ml


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