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Best Korean
Hydrating Face Masks

Korean moisturising face masks active ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin, increasing its effectiveness and revealing a youthful, radiant, healthy appareance.

Buy online the best Korean face masks for all skin types. Korean cosmetics are known for the high quality of their products, highly concentrated in active ingredients that ensure the effectiveness of each treatment.

Moisturizing face masks are basic skin care products that should not be inluded in all beauty routines. A basic and highly effective skin care product with immediate results. 

Shop the best Korean hydrating face masks online at Korean Beauty Shop, your kbeauty destination.
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Treat for dry and dehydrated  skin using face masks like Cremorlab Marine Hyaluronic Revital Mask ond Shangpree Marine Jewel Hydrating MaskIf you are looking for an intense, long-lasting treatment to deeply hydrate your skin, try including night masks in your skin care routine.

There is a general misconception about moisturising face masks; some people think they are suitable for dry skin types only. However, there are also, facial masks for dehydrated oily skin, such as COSRX Pure Fit Cica Calming True Sheet Mask. Acne-prone skin that needs help to regulating skin's sebum production will find be pleased to discover the hydrating clay mask Dr. Ceuracle Jeju Matcha Clay Pack.

Buy online at Korean Beauty Shop a wide range of cruelty free moisturising face masks for your skincare routine. We have over 50 different hydrating Korean face masks suitable for all skin types; including sensitive skin! If you are looking for face masks to improve the appearance of dark circles and fine lines, try using hydrogel eye patches; such as G9SKIN Pink Blur Hydrogel Eye Patch. These masks can also be applied on any other part of the body where you feel dryness; such as the elbows.
And that's not everything! We also have lip patches, G9SKIN Duck Vita Ampoule Lip Patch, and hands masks, Starskin Red Carpet Ready™ Hand. Korean Beauty Shop is your k beauty reference online reference shop in Europe will you can buy the Korean skincare from the best Korean brands.