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FaceKult cosmetica fit
cosmeticos para hacer deporte
cosmeticos para el gimnasio
post-wokout beuty routines
waterproof and sweatproof cosmetics

Sports Skincare 
and Post-Workout Beauty Routines

At Korean Beauty Shop, we love visionary and extraordinary cosmetics, ahead of their times. FaceKult is the first skincare brand for athletes. This french beauty brand, based in Paris, specifically targets fitness cosmetics, gym proof makeup and post-workout products packed with vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin, repair damaged cells and give the face a radiant glow.

FaceKult Energizing Celular Serum is a sports booster that will replenish skin hydration and reverse dull and lifeless skin for a more glowing and brighter complexion. It also stimulates collagen and elastin production. A refreshing, lightweight formula that provides long-lasting skin hydration while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of facial ageing. Following a post-workout beauty routine is key to avoid potential breakouts.

Detox your skin using a facial cleanser like Facekult 3in1 Detoxifying Oil Jelly. A product that lifts away pore-clogging dirt from the surface of the skin and removes stubborn waterproof makeup too.

Facekult fitness product range, includes one of the best gym-proof make-up products. The combination of sweat and heavy makeup can be disastrous for the skin, significantly increasing the risk of breakouts and pimples. But, confidence is also important too -especially when working out in front of strangers. Therefore, it’s very important using a lightweight foundation, mineral based and ideally containing antioxidants to fight damage from free radicals and bacteria. FaceKult Oxygenating Cream Glow Booster evens out the skin tone and improves skin texture releasing encapsulated micro-pigments that increase the rate of transpiration and give the skin a healthy glow.
We love the idea of feeling glamorous even after an intense workout. Who hasn't seen those Cindy Crawford sport videos from the 90s? FaceKult captures the essence of those videos and reminds us that beauty and perfection is just a state of mind. Wow your beauty with these amazing cosmetics and WEEEEERK IT GURL!!!
maquillaje waterproof para hacer deporte

Are you unsure what product you like better? Why don't you try this mini kit with four travel size products?  

cosmetica fit

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