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comprar mascarillas tipo wash off

Buy Korean Wash-off Masks

Wash off face masks are skincare products designed to be removed from the skin via rinsing away with lukewarm water. These face masks are some of the most popular Korean skin care beauty products.

There is a very wide range of wash-off mask packs to choose from. Clay masks embody the definition of wash off masks as they truly can be remove in no other way, making them the most commonly known type of wash off face mask.

What do Korean wash-off masks do? Hydrating wash off masks work to provide fast hydration that penetrates deep into the skin, instantly restoring balance. This effect is both beneficial to those with oily and dry skin as an imbalance in skin hydration can cause both an excess in oil production and even skin dryness.

Korean wash-off masks are sourced using a high concentration of active ingredients that are able to reach the deepest layers of the skin. They soothe, moisturize and brighten the skin. They are also the perfect way to tighten up pores and reduce acne breakouts.