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Minimalistic Skincare

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Aiva Cosmetics; ECOCERT Certified Organic Cosmetics 

Aiva Cosmetics is a clean beauty brand, that was recently launched. All products are minimalist, they focus on using just a handful of cosmetic products that do their job and do it wellesthetic minimalism. Formulas include organic super-ingredients, sourced from the Finnish nature. This is an organic cosmetics brand that is certified  COSMOS NATURAL -granted by the company ECOCERT .

All Aiva's skincare products are multitasking. Aiva The Oil, can be used in 10 different ways. On the other hand, Aiva The Cream, is a clean moisturiser, that hydrates your face, eyes, necklime... Simple, right? Practical, multifunctional and easy to use!

Coming back to, aesthetic minimalism. This new beauty trend emerged in 2022 is all about using fewer products during your facial routine, including only the essential ingredients. Therefore, products make skincare routines a lot more simple...Sometime less is more....

Some of the ingredients sourced by Aiva iclude all this powerfull antiageing ingredients : Organic Olive Oil, Organic Cold Pressed Cranberry Seed Oil Extract, Organic Virgin Natural Jojoba Oil, Black Tea, Caffeine, Organic Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, Organic Sea Buckthorn and Vitamins A, C and E. The synergy of these ingredients hydrate, regenerates, soothes and illuminates the skin. In addition. Aiva skincare include top quality ingredients and are suitable for all skin types.
Aiva cosmetics is an upcoming Finnish beauty brand, that empowers individuality and diversity. For Aiva, the beauty lays in everything. A cruelty free and suitable for vegan use brand. Are you going to miss it?
Buy Ainva, in Spain, only in Korean Beauty Shop.

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