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Cremorlab. T.E.N™ is a Korean skincare brand which uses natural ingredients rich in minerals. like T.E.N. water, which stands for "Thermal water therapy, Eco energy, Natural Nourishment". A trademark ingredient that is the base on all the brand's products.

Cremorlab uses Geumjin's (A REGION IN SOUTH KOREA) hot spring water, known for having medicinal properties, The brand's key ingredient, is the purified TEN water sourced 1100 meters underground. It is packed with minerals, that are perfect for some skin conditions such as dry skin and sensitive skin. While boasting anti-ageing benefits that are far more powerful than those of Vitamin E. The thermal water from Guemjin was tested to have three hundred times more minerals than any other thermal water in the world.

Cremorlab's healing and restoring properties have been confirmed by scientific evidence. All the cosmetics from the brand are hypoallergenic, light texture, non-greasy texture and easily absorbed by the skin. Buy online at Korean Beauty Shop, the best selling items from the brand:

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