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skean clean beauty

Skean = Skin + Clean, vegan, minimalist skincare


Skean is an Italian clean beauty brand, cruelty free, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is inspired by the power of nature, which becomes functional thanks to scientific research. Their minimalist approach to skincare makes their product formulas simple, yet effective. Active ingredients are used in purely functional quantities, i.e. in the percentages suitable to be truly effective.

Skean combines the words Skin + Clean. These two terms are the pillars behind the brand's philosophy, which unites a passion for skin care and a real commitment to transparency and sustainability. All products are made in Italy and specially formulated from a meticulous selection and combination of natural and innovative, hi-tech active ingredients

An upcoming beauty brand you can exclusively buy online at Korean Beauty Shop. Skean helps counteract the natural effects of time, for visibly healthier, younger and more luminous skin. Beauty is a reflection of our inner well-being, that is why they have designed and created products to prevent, control and improve the aging process of all skin types, based on real needs. Skean works from a "Pro-age" perspective that highlights the positivity in the passing of time.

The brand takes the environment very seriously, that is why they have chosen to use recycled juices from bergamot processing instead of a normal formula water and they have studied sustainable packaging in glass and recyclable plastic. Their products are not tested on animals, as required by current European regulations.

We declare ourselves massive fans of Skean, a beautiful brand, inside out. We are proud to curate beauty brands like Skean; clean and sustainable. We also love the fact they offer something fresh and have a unique selling point. 'Skinnamlism' or skin minimalism has become one of the largest beauty trends in 2022, so make sure you watch out for Skean
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