Korean Skincare Routines

Discover 10-steps Korean skincare routines for all sorts of skin types. Each of these routines targets the needs of all skin types, age, and conditions. 


If you are not familiar with what a 10 step Korean beauty routine involves just check out this link. Our dedicated beauty team has created over 20 different beauty routines for you. ie ut dry skin, sensitive skin, mature skin, combination skin, brightening, blackheads, pores, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, whitening. And not only that, you can also find some other routines based on different needs like facial cleansing, makeup, or night masks.

For those of you who are new to kbeauty, or don’t feel like following a complete 10-step-routine; we have also costumed a more simple beauty routine with just five steps to follow.  


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What you need to follow a 10-step-beauty routine

Regardless of the skincare routine you decide to do; there are a number of steps you need to follow strictly if you want to achieve the best possible results.


A beauty routine should be regarded as a number of steps we will commit to take if we want to get a flawless skin. If we have commitment and we use the right products; the results won't take long to show. These are the steps to take:



1-Oil cleanser

2-Foam cleanser

3-Face exfoliation




7-Eye cream

8-Moisturising facial cream

9-BB cream or sun block

10-Face mask (optional)


All beauty routines on this site have been specifically tailored for each skin type by our SEO, beauty curator and kbeauty expert; José Satorre. If you were to have any queries regarding beauty routines or you wish to get a more specific routine for your skin type; please forward him an email at info@koreanbeautyshopeu.com 


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