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How did it all begin

Korean Beauty Shop started off in 2018, when the owner of the shop realised about good Korean beauty is and the potential it could have within Europe. South Korea is amongst the 10 largest markets for beauty and cosmetics in the world. Korean cosmetics offer premium skincare, in dreamy packaging and always at affordable prices. Nevertheless, all companies are highly segmented as way to differentiate themselves in such a saturate environmen. That's why kbeauty has countless products to address very especific skin concerns. "We will forever be amazed by the continuous stream of innovation in Korean beauty.

¿What can I expect from Korean cosmetics?

Korean Beauty Shop is a tribute shop to kbeauty, hence you can mostly find all kinds of skincare, body care, and hair care products.

One-to-One customer care
Your satisfaction is our priority, and even though we don't have a physical retail store yet, where we can personally assist our customers, we are available via email and chat to address any questions you may have regarding the use of the online store, products, or general orders placed on the platform.
Get in touch
A previously mentioned, you can reach us via chat and email at

FREE EU SHIPPING on orders above 99€

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