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Las K-MILLAS es el programa de fidelización de Korean Beauty Shop a través del que conseguir descuentos y regalos con tus compras. Acumula puntos y sellos desde tu primera compra.

Welcome to Korean Beauty Shop's k-miles. This is our way of saying thank you to those of you who support our business.

With our loyalty program you will accumulate points and stamps that you can exchange for attractive discounts, travel kits, and products.


¿Cómo se consiguen los puntos?

Earn points when you spend money buying online at Korean Beauty Shop. You can exchange these points for vouchers worth € 5, € 10, € 15 and € 20. You will also gain access to exclusive offers and promotions reserved to our more established customers.


¿Cómo se consiguen los sellos?


¿Cómo gastar las k-millas?

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Tarjetas de fidelidad

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General terms and conditions of our loyalty program

Below we detail the general terms and conditions to be part of our affiliate program.


-The cards of the two loyalty programs are virtual


-It is essential to be a customer of the store and be registered in the newsletter


-When you spend money on Korean Beauty Shop; you automatically become part our affiliate programs (if you do not want to be part of it; send an email to info@koreanbeautyshopeu.com)


-You will receive the cards with your first purchase, and each time you make a new purchase we will send new cards with the updated balance.


-Discounted items and/or sets will not get any points. You will get stamps, but not k-miles for those purchases.


-If you refer a friend, you must send an email to info@koreanbeautyshopeu.com requesting a code that we will issue within 24 hours. This code is worth 10% off any purchase. When your friend uses the code; you will receive another 10% off code ** this discount will only be effective as long as your friend spends 60 euros or more on that purchase / The code will not be valid for discounted items


-If you add your date of birth when registering on the site; we will add 100 k-miles to your account on the day of your birthday


-If you leave any review about Korean Beauty Shop on the internet; send us the link or tag us in the publication to receive 50 miles.


-K-miles can be redeemed for store credit. Credits are worth € 5, € 10, € 15 or € 20. To exchange your points for credit, email us at info@koreanbeautyshopeu.com or via live chat on our website and we will provide you with a voucher for the value of the requested credit.


-We will send you a special gift at your 4th, 8th, and 12th purchase

-Those who exceed 12 orders will become platinum members of Korean Beauty Shop. You will automatically become part of another loyalty program that has not been created yet. As port of that program we will extend your benefits and continue rewarding your loyalty even more.


-You have 12 months to use the k-miles from the moment they are added to your account. Either way if your account is still active; that is to say, you keep buying on our site; we will not consider your points as expired even after one year.


-Gift cards will expire after one year.

-We will send you an email with your updated cards every time you make a purchase; but you can contact our customer service team at any point you wish to know your current balance.


-Unsubscribing from the newsletter will mean the total loss of the accumulated points. At the same time, the member's information will be deleted from the database; without any prejudice to the member himself/herself.

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